Treatment with oral appliance

Our speciality is the snoring and sleep apnea therapy with custom-built oral appliances.

1st Session

  • Review the medical results and if any previous treatments - please bring all relevant documents. 
  • Check-Up of teeth, jaw and surrounding structures - is an oral appliance possible and does it make sense? 
  • Selection of the suitable oral appliance for the individual
  • Information about the way the oral appliance works
  • Issue of a written healing plan and budget
  • If necessary fitting of a customized test-splint 

2nd Session

  • Impression taking of upper and lower jaw
  • Registration of the individual oral aperture and mandibular advancement

Production in dental laboratory
Models and oral appliances will be produced in a specialized laboratory for sleep-apnea-technology. 

3rd Session

  • Fitting of the Splint. Usage, maintenance, acclimatisation, follow-up examination, check-up will be discussed in detail. 

Custom-built oral appliances (Examples)